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Do the One Thing

For an artist, life will almost always be difficult when you are starting out.  The artist has to rise above the fear of being isolated from their peers, sacrifice any luxuries they may have previously been afforded in order to pound out a living, and keep going despite the intense competition in the field.  To be an artist is not just about being creative—you must be resilient, extremely hardworking, and above all, fiercely determined.  And that is just for artists in general—the artist of New York City is on another level entirely.  Because rent is so expensive in NYC, the artist of New York City has it extra hard.  They must be able to balance the demands of working a stable job (or three) and still devote time to nurture their artistic vision.  Sometimes, the artist must choose between the two pursuits (art/ work), and the answer is harder than you would think.  At this point, the artist must think back to the very question of why they are in a city like New York in the first place.  They are here for their art, not for the stability of the job that they are far more than qualified to be doing.  Still, it is hard to let down colleagues and shirk work responsibilities for one’s own dreams.  I have to say that while being in a full-time, stable job position is nice on my bank account, it is much easier to choose art when you have less responsibility at work.  For this reason, I advise any aspiring artists to start small with their job search—part-time, low responsibility positions are ideal.  This will allow you to always choose art and not have such difficult decisions about work interfering in your goals.  A little hackneyed, but don’t let your job keep you from your career.