Kristie Landing is a 22 year-old Duke University alumna with a penchant for writing and an eagerness to share with you the art of New York City.

I have come here to contemplate the cultural affairs in our contemporary day and age.  A dancer, an artist, a young woman searching for the truth of the matter in an irrevocably biased world; I have come here to reflect.  I look at the artists around me who seek to represent themselves, but cannot break through the clutter of social conversation and I find myself feeling their loss.  Thus, the purpose of this review is two-fold: to give attention to lesser-known artists while raising more questions about the popular works of our day.  In other words, I will examine art history as it is being created.  My goal is that you will be the final piece to this puzzle as you discover, build upon, and share ideas.  So, without further ado, let’s get on with the review.

About the Author:

Kristie Landing holds a BA in International Comparative Studies from Duke University in addition to minor degrees in both Dance and Art History.  She has worked at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in DC and the Nasher Museum at Duke University.  A classical ballet dancer, Landing has trained with the American Ballet Theatre in New York, Ballet West, Boston Ballet, and the Joffrey Ballet.  In 2009, she competed at the national level in the Youth America Grand Prix Competition and was awarded a full scholarship for summer study with Ballet West in Salt Lake City.  She came to the city to dance, but cannot ignore the visual arts, which seep into the corners of the everyday…if we let them.

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